Top 10 Hibiscus Tea Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Hibiscus tea has many benefits for the skin and health. The flower Hibiscus sabdariffa is mainly used for production of Hibiscus tea. It can be taken both as a cold tea or a hot tea. The cold hibiscus tea is good for summers as it is excellent re-hydrating drink.

Hibiscus tea has vitamin C, vitamin A, falvanoids, anthocyanins, essential omega fatty acids and other organic acids like malic acid. It has a sufficient level of vitamin B forms like vitamin B1 and vitamin B12.

Here is a compilation of the most evident benefits of hibiscus tea:

  1. Hibiscus tea make your hair lustrous and shiny.

    Hibiscus has a lot of sulphur rich compounds in it that benefit your hair. This is the reason they are used for hair spas and shampoo have their artifical substitutes. The proteins of hair need sulphur for their natural lustre. Consuming Hibiscus tea can thus help improve  the shine of your hair and also make them strong.

  2. Hibiscus tea is hepato-protective.

    Hepatoprotective means it protects the  liver. Hibiscus tea itself reduces the low density cholesterol and hence helps to lower the burden on liver for detoxification. Also it has anthocyanins which are a class of anti oxidants which are the most effective.

  3. Hibiscus tea prevents scurvy and bleeding gums.

    Hibiscus tea has enough vitamin C to meet a days requirement by drinking a small amount everyday. Vitamin C prevents bleeding gums and scurvy. This also improves the skin and hair quality.

  4. Hibiscus tea also provides protection against sun.

    Drinking a cup of cold hibiscus tea can help you fight harmful effects of sun rays. Also it will heal sun burns. This is because the Hibiscus tea has vitamin C and anti-oxidants treats the oxidative damages by radicals.

  5. Hibiscus tea is anti-inflammatory and helps alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

    One of then most dreaded bone diseases has almost no treatment other than steroidal injections. While drinking a cup of Hibiscus tea can help you relieve the pain and has no side effects, steroidal injections have a lot of consequences.

  6. Hibiscus tea treats dark circles.

    Hibiscus tea has a lot of anthocyanins that help to reduce the dark circles and heal baggy eyes. Dark circles are the result of harmful damages by radicals. So anthocyanins undo the damage by such radicals. This also has an anti ageing effect.

  7. Hibiscus tea is diuretic and useful in kidney diseases.

    Hibiscus tea helps increase the rate of filtration by kidney. This improves the kidney function. It is a diuretic that is it helps to increase the removal of excess fluids from body. Hence Hibiscus tea can even be soothing for kidney stones.

  8. Hibiscus tea reduces anxiety and acts as a stress reliever.

    Hibiscus tea has healthy fatty acids and a lot of organic acids that help to reduce the depressive hormones of brain. The organic acids promote the formation of happy hormones and reduce anxiety and stress.

  9. Hibiscus tea helps improve vision.

    Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin A and helps improve vision. Vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness. Regular consumption of Hibiscus tea can improve your eye sight.

  10. Hibiscus tea has components that improve digestion.

    Hibiscus tea relieves you of gut cramps. It act as anti-spasmodic and thus treats irritable bowel syndrome. Hibiscus tea mobilises the food in the gut and also treats flatulence and other gastric troubles.

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