Top 10 Green Tea Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Green tea is a chinese beverage known for its nutritional value. It has now become a globe swaying Revolution to drink green tea for weight loss. The main difference is that green tea has more antioxidants than most of other teas which is retained even after processing.

Green tea has many benefits which have been enlisted:

  1. Green tea promotes weight loss .

    Green tea has a lot of anti oxidants and phenols that help in increasing the metabolism. This in turn helps in reducing the fat that has been stored in layers. Also green tea itself is very low on calories. Green tea is one of the most recommended tea for weight loss.

  2. Green tea prevents Intestinal Cancer.

    Green tea helps is reducing the oxidative damage. It is effective when used without milk. Milk binds with the naturally occurring anti oxidants and reduces the healing property. Oxidative damage is responsible for cancerous growth as oxidative environment is harmful for cells.

  3. Green tea has anti-depressant chemicals.

    Tea has caffeine that is a stimulant and an addictive drug. Green tea has the right proportion of caffeine which would do its job without making you addicted. It also has dopamine precursors and is able toh inhibit the depressant hormones of the brain cells. The amino acids of green tea can cross the blood brain barrier and thus show fast action.

  4. Green tea is not addictive.

    As stated earlier the caffeine content of green tea is just the requisite amount. This acts on the brain and doesn’t get you addicted while doing so. A small dose is sufficient for a long lasting effect.

  5. Green tea gives a glowing skin.

    Green tea has catecholamines hormone promoting substance that are good for a glowing skin. They enhance the sebaceous gland (oil glands of skin) activity and this skin oils increase the glow.

  6. Green tea restores the metabolism.

    Green tea breaks down the harmful radicals that lead to toxicity otherwise. This helps to bring back the metabolism to normal state. Also it increases the mobilization of fat and promotes lipid metabolism.

  7. Green tea helps maintaining normal blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular disorders.

    Green tea has ability to lower down bad cholesterol and also helps to prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. This helps to improve cardiac health. The level of high density cholesterol increases and maintains a normal blood pressure. High density cholesterol can be easily transported.

  8. Green tea boosts immune system.

    Green tea has bioactive compounds that help to enhance the performance of immune system. Also they can kill bacteria and viruses that are pathogenic.

  9. Green tea helps to lower the vulnerability to get Parkinsonism or Alzheimer’s syndrome and even Diabetes.

    Green tea increases insulin sensitivity and also lowers the blood glucose. Also green tea has a neuro protective effect that is yet being researched. This helps to reduce the risk of such neural and metabolic disorders.

  10. Green tea helps in strengthening teeth.

    Green tea prevents the growth of bacteria inside oral cavity. Hence it helps to prevent tooth decay. It also acts on plaque producing substances and destroys them.

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