Top 10 Cinnamon Tea Benefits And Nutrition Facts

Cinnamon tea is not a traditional variety of tea and instead it is simply the addition  of cinnamon sticks or powder to tea. The preparation is called cinnamon tea. Cinnamon extract has effects which are similar to tea and hence comes under the category of medicinal tea. Nowadays it is commercially available in the form of tea.

It has enough benefits to persuade you to add a stick every time you make your tea. It is ideal for consuming during winters.

Here is a list of benefits of cinnamon tea:

  1. Cinnamon tea helps to treat cold and shivering fevers.

    Cinnamon is a warm spice. It helps to treat the symptoms of cold and chills. Also cinnamon targets the viruses that cause cold such as . It was prevalent Chinese medicine for cold.

  2. Cinnamon tea has aphrodisiac effects.

    Cinnamon is known to induce sexual stimulant activity. It improves the production of sex hormones both in males and females. This increases the libido.

  3. Cinnamon tea is a sedative meaning a pain killer.

    Cinnamon has antioxidants and hence acts as a natural pain-killer. It helps alleviate the pain transmission and soothes any soreness or even a headache.

  4. Cinnamon tea helps to enhance body heat production.

    Cinnamon itself has a body heating affect as it is a warm spice. The alkaloids and polyphenols present in the cinnamon tea help to enhance the metabolic rate and thus improve the body heat production. This is why it is ideal for being consumed in winters. It helps to mobilizes fats for heat production.

  5. Cinnamon tea helps in weight loss.

    Cinnamon increases catabolism and suppresses the hunger centre of brain. This reduces the urge of having more food or mid night snacking.

  6. Cinnamon tea elevates the immune system sensitivity.

    Cinnamon tea has eugenol that has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses that are pathogenic. These bio active compounds help one fight infections and diseases. It has a wide application in Ayurveda due to this medicinal property.

  7. Cinnamon tea helps reduce inflammation.

    Cinnamon tea has anti-histamine properties which help to treat long term inflammation. It has the ability to dilute the action of chemicals that cause inflammation of tissues of body. It is universal for all kinds of inflammation whether be thyroid, poly-cystic ovary syndrome, rhinitis etc. This is the reason it is effective in treatment for arthritis.

  8. Cinnamon tea helps alleviate the symptoms of thyroid.

    Cinnamon tea has chemicals that help restore the function of thyroid gland. It also acts of brain centres responsible for stimulation or feedback inhibition of thyroid. It also treat other symptoms of thyroid such as goitre and skin irritations.

  9. Cinnamon tea helps counter the effects of PCOS.

    Poly cystic ovary syndrome is the entire set of disorders that lead formation of cysts ‘knots’ in ovaries. This leads to painful inflammation of ovaries and as Cinnamon tea¬† helps reduce inflammation, it helps to bring relief. Also it helps to treat other symptoms like excessive masculine characters appearance or even menstrual cramps.

  10. Cinnamon tea is also beneficial for curing acne.

    Cinnamon tea has a lot of anti oxidants and also polyphenols that help to reduce the acne formation. It is helpful in restoring the skin oil gland activity back to normal level.

Cinnamon tea must not be consumed beyond a limited amount ‘a small cup’, because it has a heating effect and may lead to anxiety and also nausea and other systems.

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