KALMEGH: Benefits & Uses

The scientific name if kalmegh is Andrographis paniculata. This is an annual herbaceous plant. They belong to the family Acanthaceae.  They are native to India and Sri Lanka.


Being native to India and Sri Lanka, they are most cultivated in the South eastern Asia.


They grow erect to a height of 30-110 centimetres. Growing in moist and shady zones, their stem is dark green with cross sectional squares and longitudinal furrows. They also bear a typical wings along the angles. Their leaves have hairless blades. They grow flowers and a fruit which is a capsule measuring around 200 millimetre in length and a few millimetres  wide. Their seeds are yellow-brown in colour.


Besides its native lands, this herb is also an introductory species to the lands of the northern parts of India, Java, Malaysia, Indonesia, West Indies and a few places in the Americas.

They are also cultivated in Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore and in a few other parts of Asia.

They may be cultivated in a few other regions as well.

They grow to their best in sunny locations. The sowing of their seeds is done preferably during the months of May and June in the Northern Hemisphere. The transplantation of their seedlings are done at a distance of 60 cm to 30cm.


This herb tastes excessively better and are sometimes referred to as the “King of Bitter”.


This herbs contains:

  1. Andrographolite
  2. Neoandrographolite

The derivatives are:

  1. Andrographiside
  2. Andropanoside
  • Andrographin


Since a significant time of history, Kalmegh is used to cure various diseases. Starting from the ancient traditional techniques, this herbs has its proven benefits in modern day medicine as well.

Kalmegh contains anti-oxidant and is anti-inflammatory in nature. This herb has its regular use in curing common cold, cough, sinusitis and other body pains of a nature.

The Kalmegh syrup has been proven to cure fever and an yet tougher variety of the same, referring to malaria.

It is a wonderful tonic for the liver and it protects the liver. This is a best treatment for the patients suffering from jaundice.

The extract or the juice from this herb deals in the treatment of the gastrointestinal parts. They help in slow digestion and bowel irritation.

The juice also aids to regularizing the irregular menstrual cycle syndrome.

This herb also prevents various skin problems such as infection, scabies, boils and patches.

Kalmegh juice is also found to cure ulcer, in the treatment of diarrhoea,arthritis,cancer, treatment of the throat, diabetes, heart diseases and also helps in the reduction of blood sugar content in the human body.

Kalmegh is also found to treat allergies.

The entire herb can be successfully used in the treatment of snake and scorpion bites.

However, this herb should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it contains anti-fertility property.


This is a wonderful herb for medicinal purposes.

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