About Me

I am a lifelong herbal medicine enthusiast. I totally believe that plants and herbs have the power to transform our lives in many ways.

In all ancient scriptures, medicinal herbs have been mentioned with great healing qualities. It seems that humankind has chosen to disregard them in favor of the modern medicine.

While, I am not against the modern medicine and science, I favor a balanced approach.

There should be more scientific studies conducted with a positive frame of mind to unearth the Mother Nature’s bounties. Research and not witchhunt should be conducted by scientists and the medical community.

Mankind’s future is at stake. We are ravaged with disease against which Allopathy has all but given up. Our solutions may treat an ailment but at the cost of our body and finances.

We need a holistic intervention at this critical juncture.

I hope to enlighten and help people with my writing through this blog.